Steiger offers solutions for specific industrial applications. The knitting machine must answer the following technical specifications:
  • Very precise plating technique
  • Production of pockets (intarsia process)
  • Lay-in yarns without weaking
  • Knitting of metal sensors
  • Various materials such as glass fibers and metallic yarns

Machines for Orthopedy (Technical Textiles)

Steiger has a historical tradition in the production of machines specifically designed to knit technical textiles like ankle, knee, stomach bands, and similar products presently sold in drug stores under the brand names of the most renowned producers in the world.

Thanks to peculiar feeding systems as well as to expressely designed special yarn-carriers, these machines allow to knit 3D articles with elastic properties.

For further infos concerning these machine models, please address your requests directly to the Steiger factory in Vionnaz Switzerland.