The Taurus 2.170 XP opens new horizons for the flat knitting industry. This machine contains two innovations patented by Steiger: the compound needle and the storage punch. This unique construction allows complete garment knitting, multilayer knitting, complex in-lay and intarsia. The recognized Steiger’s strengths as the take-down, the open carriage are optimized on the Taurus 2.170 XP. New features also appear such the independent motorized clamp, the vertically and horizontally motorized yarn-guides. Friendly and easy to use, the Taurus 2.170 XP is part of an innovative concept that includes a new programming software: MODEL+. Intuitive, powerful and easy to access, it makes programming available to the greatest number of people.

Offener Schlitten

Single head compact machine, without cam carriage bridge, with direct yarn feeding from the top. Two system cam boxes each with integrated bidirectional transfer


Working width 170 cm (67”) Equipped with patented compound needle. Fix front needlebed with integrated yarn clamps/scissors. Activated by 2 motors and controlled by the knitting program, the motorized clamps are independent of the carriage for their operation. While the carriage knits, the inactive motorized yarn-carrier can bring a yarn to the clamp independently for being cut without loss of production.


Machine available in gauge 12

Jacquard - Form

Electronic needle selection. Unlimited patterning possibilities due to Three-Way-Technique and integrated function for split-stitches. Shaping by stitch transfer of press-off method.


Controlled electronically without limits with the possibility to modify at any time.


Controlled by the knitting program, it allows the performing of all the most creative patterns. Horizontally and vertically motorized, this new system provides greater job security and opens new knitting skills for Intarsia, plating and in-lay knitting.

Oberer Warenabzug

Programmable and active at 40 mm from the loop formation. The patented friction take down can knit a wide range of exclusive patterns using the 3D method with circular knitting effects as well as horizontal cable and incorporated elements. This features which cannot be produced with a traditional take-down are here easy to achieve with a unique productivity and quality. The latest generation comb takes the stitch and release it with a motor controlled hook closure. This new system allows using any kind of press-on yarn with a 100 % hooking and dropping reliability.


By brushless motor, infinitely variable stroke. Programmable knitting speed from 0 - 1,60 m/s.


All necessary devices stop the machine in case of yarn breakage, knots, shock, over-heating of motors, fabric press-off, etc.


Selective +- 42 mm, with possibility of correction.


Software "Model+" on PC. Network : 10/100 Mbps Interface 1x USB


Length 365 cm Width 78/180 cm Height 180/240 cm Net weight 1350 Kg