The Upper take-down device

All the flat knitting machines produced by Steiger are equipped with a unique patented Steiger take-down device.

The system operates at a distance of 20 mm from the loop-formation area. It consists of two rubber sleeves, which operate at slow speed in an opposite direction to each other. This ensure a rotating take-down grip on the fabric which guarantees a regular friction take-down. The system offers many advantages.

A high quality of stitch formation
No “Banana” deformation of the fabric
The use of press-jacks and other difficult accessories has been reduced to very specific fabrics.
For the productivity and scrap reduction, the necessity of the take-down combs is not absolutely needed due to the performance of the take-down.
In order to regain the initial knitting width of a fabric panel only 2 to 3 cm of wasted yarn between two articles has to be used. The Steiger Friction take-down makes it possible to knit a wide range of exclusive patterns using the 3D method with circular knitting effects as well horizontal cable and incorporated elements, which cannot be produced with a traditional take-down system.