The Open Carriage

The open carriage on Steiger machines was launched in 1999 with the introduction of the first Vesta Multi machine.
The innovation has resulted in the elimination of the bow of the cam-carriage so that the front and rear cam-boxes of the carriage are able to work independently. The complete synchronization of the cam-boxes is ensured by using a single motor for driving them.
The open carriage design offers the following advantages: Direct yarn feeding Traditionally the feeding of the yarns to the yarn-carriers is achieved by introducing them to the yarn-carriers from the two sides of the machine.
Today due the open carriage design, the yarns are fed to the individual yarn-carriers from the yarn-tensions above the machine directly downwards to the yarn-carrier concerned; thus avoiding a great deal of friction on the yarn. This arrangement also ensure the maintenance of a uniform yarn-tension in both directions of cam-carriage travel, thus facilitations the use of a wide range of delicate and fancy yarns. Yarn-carriers are controlled completely independently from the carriage. The open carriage combined with the individual motorization of the yarn-carriers have made it possible to separate the control of yarn-carrier movements completely from that of the cam-carriage.