Motorized yarn-carriers

This innovation is due to the introduction of the open cam-carriage which does not have a bow. The yarn-carriers are no longer driven by plungers on the upper part of the carriage bow but by individual motors placed at the end of the yarn-carrier bars. A special software program controls the movements of the motorized yarn-carriers and activates the carriers according to their functions and independently of the direction of the cam-carriage movements.

These arrangements provide the best possible conditions for feeding the yarn-carriers and the needles. Furthermore the motorization of the yarn-carriers offers the user more scope in creativity and produce even the most complex designs more quickly combined with maximum productivity.

In addition, the technological innovations facilitate the best possible positioning of the yarn-carriers whilst the cam-carriage is activate. The individual motorization of each yarn-carrier ensure that the movement of each yarn-carrier is adapted with precision to the type of work to be executed. The yarn-carriers follow the knitted selvedges of the fabric. They are set automatically into or out of a working position according to the program to be knitted. This avoids the formation of slack yarn loops along the selvedges. These is no longer the need to use swinging yarn-carriers when knitting Intarsia patterns since the position of the yarn-carriers is set automatically on the non-knitting zones. The New Aries machine can be equipped with up to 32 independent yarn-carriers, thus enhancing the range of complex Intarsia patterns.

To be noted the new Pop-up system for the vertical control of the yarn carrier. This system allows a vertical movement of the yarn carrier when it is moved from one position to the other one. Controlled by motor or by cam, the yarn carrier is lifted out from the knitting section.